Sheikh Haji Mohammad Amin Fazal Elahi, the visionary founder and donor of Aminia Muslim Girls’ School in Delhi, dedicated his life to providing education to girls from the Muslim Punjabi community, commonly known as Qaum Punjabian. Late Elahi Sahab’s dream of bringing girls into standard education has transformed into a reality, with the school providing a well-rounded education to girls from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Founded in 1938, Aminia Muslim Girls’ School has become a symbol of hope for the Muslim community in Delhi. The school offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes religious studies, vocational training, and traditional subjects like science, mathematics, and technology. Its students have gone on to hold important positions in various fields, contributing positively to society.

In addition to traditional subjects, the school also emphasizes the importance of teaching the Holy Quran and its interpretation. This approach ensures students develop a solid moral and ethical foundation to guide them through life.

Late Elahi Sahab’s vision of creating a minority school has led to a significant change in the perception of education for girls in Delhi. Today, girls from Aminia can pursue higher education after schooling and have carved a niche in some of the best institutions in Delhi.

The legacy of Sheikh Haji Mohammad Amin Fazal Elahi lives on through the Aminia Muslim Girls’ School, which continues to provide quality education to girls from marginalized communities.

Members of the Managing Committee :

PresidentAdvocate Salim Ahmed Motakif
General SecretarySheikh Salman Saeed
Financial SecretaryMr. Mubassir Zaki
MemberMr. Birjis Iqbal
MemberMr. Danish Iqbal
MemberMr. Rafey Saeed
MemberSheikh Haji Mohammad Zaki