Aminia Muslim Girls’ School (AMGS) is a Delhi-based charitable educational society that has been providing top-notch education to girls since its establishment of the free girls school in 1938. One of the main objectives of the school is to provide free girls education, particularly to those from marginalized communities. The school believes in promoting conduct, social and economic change toward a society where all students have equal opportunities to access quality education.
At AMGS, the focus is on a different approach to learning, based on the view that every individual comes into existence with a transformative purpose. The school is dedicated to bringing about social and educational change in the present condition of the community by providing scholarships to needy students pursuing higher professional education.
The AMGS is a free girls school, providing opportunities to girls from diverse backgrounds to get an education and become independent individuals. It has an arrangement for volunteers with various skills who work with students and contribute towards leading educational advancement and improvement.
To promote innovation and research, AMGS provides necessary inputs for the development of the school, teacher training centers, and resource centers. The school’s distinctive learning styles help children to grow up as responsible and confident individuals. The school culture focuses on respect for the individual, harmony in diversity, and the demand for internal discipline. The main objectives of the society include working for the advancement of education, science, technology, and management. In addition, the society awards/loans scholarships to deserving students for pursuing undergraduate, and postgraduate studies, and research in various fields such as Medicine, Engineering, Science and Technology, Management, Commerce, and Humanities.AMGS has undertaken various programs to provide free girls education and provide the best education among weaker sections of society. It also runs and manages schemes for financial assistance, organizes training and medical classes, and provides special education centers to improve the opportunities for students of minority communities.
The AMGS free girls school is committed to providing quality education to girls from marginalized communities. The school’s unique approach to learning and its focus on promoting social and economic change makes it an excellent choice for those looking for a top education charity society. The scholarships provided by AMGS have helped many deserving students pursue higher education and build a better future for themselves and their communities.