Aminia Muslims Girls’ school is a Delhi based charitable educational society which was established in 1938 to work for the betterment of the minorities giving top priority to girls free education in its objectives. The School intends to accomplish conduct, social and financial change towards a society where all students have equivalent chances to get to quality and free education. Since its inception, AMGS has had an alternate methodology towards learning. Here learning depends on the view that every individual comes into existence with a transformative reason.The AMGS is on the march with absolute dedication to bring about a social and educational change in the present condition of the community by awarding scholarship to the needy students in pursuit of their higher professional education. Amgs is a free girls school which has an arrangement for volunteers with various skill and with the ability to work with students and contribute towards leading instructive advancement and improvement.When new ways are investigated and new exercises created, research and assessment are an absolute necessity. To take into account this, Aminia Muslim Girls’ School gives the vital contributions to promote advancement in the school, in the educators preparing focus just as in the asset community. The distinctive learning styles help youngsters to grow up as capable and confident people. Regard for the individual, concordance in assorted variety and an opportunity which requests an inward order are segments of the school culture.

The main objectives of the Society are as under:

1. To work for the headway of instruction, science, innovation and the board.

2. To award/Loan Scholarships to meriting understudies for seeking after undergrad, postgraduate investigations and research in the fields of Medicine, Engineering, Science and Technology, Management, Commerce and Humanities.

3. To run and oversee plans of free girls education or money related help , to arrange training and medicinal classes, specialized curriculum habitats for improving the chances of understudies of minority networks.

4.AMGS has attempted different projects to give free education & best instruction among more fragile areas of the general public.